Several North American retailers are now accepting online payments

May 21, 2013 Author by Michael Smithson

Several North American retailers are now accepting online payments

Customers who can complete fast, secure transactions from online vendors may flock to these merchants. In fact, retailers in a variety of sectors could benefit from accepting online payments in the near future. 

For example, Hooker Furniture, a North American retailer, recently invested in credit card processing solutions to assist its customers. According to Furniture Today, this vendor has launched a new marketing campaign that will focus on ways to improve its interactions with clients. 

With iStores, online shops that make it easier for customers to review various products, Hooker Furniture may noticeably increase its profits. Additionally, Johne Albanese, the merchant's vice president of corporate marketing, said that his company understands the value of internet marketing and will continue to explore ways to further support its patrons. 

"We recognized the [internet] is nothing less than critical to the way businesses run today," Albanese told the news source.

A home furnishings retailer considers the benefits of accepting online payments
However, Hooker Furniture is not the only company to evaluate the advantages of accepting credit and debit cards from online patrons. Decorium, a Canadian home furnishings supplier, has also bolstered its online marketing strategy as it looks to extend its reach. 

According to Home Furnishings Business, Decorium has revamped its website and is offering around 500 items that customers can purchase at any time. 

"We are excited to showcase our new website to our shoppers," Decorium chief executive officer Steve Forberg told the news source. "Customers [who] come into our store to shop around and aren't ready to make a decision on the spot are encouraged to go to our website and make their final purchase decision from there."

Providing interactive online shopping experiences is important to customers
Forberg acknowledged that the demand for interactive online shopping experiences has risen recently. By enabling customers to access a wide range of items on its website, Decorium may reap the rewards of a virtual storefront and be able to accept credit and debit card payments from clients without delay. 

Decorium is also using its new website to highlight its products to customers throughout North America. Home furnishings providers offer products across the continent, but this company may find that many shoppers are interested in a user-friendly website that allows them to enjoy stress-free shopping experiences. As website visitors view products at their convenience, they can purchase items at any time, and Decorium can accept quick, safe online payments to complete customers' transactions. 


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