Retailers eye ways to improve online shopping experiences

May 31, 2013 Author by Thomas Wheeler

Retailers eye ways to improve online shopping experiences

Online shopping is often quick and convenient, which makes it ideal for a wide range of patrons worldwide. As more vendors consider ways to boost their profits, these merchants could benefit from credit card processing systems.

With these solutions, online retailers can process fast, secure transactions at any time. Meanwhile, customers will enjoy dependable support, which may help web merchants noticeably increase their sales in short periods of time.

Customer service remains vital
Keeping customers happy is important for online retailers, especially in today's economic climate. Shoppers want to receive the best support possible, and numerous vendors are competing for consumers' attention in a competitive marketplace. 

A new service could help a wide variety of online retailers find ways to assist clients around the globe. This solution, launched in May 2013, is designed to help customers make informed decisions by enabling them to quickly learn about companies that have earned praise for their outstanding customer service. If more patrons use the service going forward, online merchants that want to boost their profits may need to devote extra resources to improve their client satisfaction levels. 

"We have no doubt that customer service will emerge as the differentiator for many online retailers," service spokesperson Jordy Leiser said. 

Brian Marquardt, product manager at Google Shopping, notes that this service could significantly benefit both online merchants and shoppers. By helping consumers make informed decisions, this solution may influence the online marketplace over the next few years.

Mobile shoppers want fun, exciting experiences
While many online vendors are providing dependable support to shoppers, recent data indicated that numerous patrons still prefer brick-and-mortar stores to web merchants. According to Business News Daily, an online shopping survey revealed that 63 percent of consumers would choose to shop at a retailer's physical location instead of over the internet. 

Credit card processing solutions are proven choices that can help online vendors in a number of ways. Because the systems are intuitive, online vendors that want user-friendly platforms can easily incorporate these systems into their everyday operations and benefit for years to come. 

Web merchants can also accept credit and debit cards from large groups of patrons over the internet without having to worry about delays or interference by using these platforms. Gaining a competitive advantage can be difficult, but credit card processing solutions are readily available to assist online retailers of all sizes.


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