More consumers are using mobile devices to purchase items online

May 22, 2013 Author by Thomas Wheeler

More consumers are using mobile devices to purchase items online

As new smartphones and tablets are unveiled, many consumers are making additional purchases by using the latest mobile devices. According to a May 2013 comScore survey, data showed that 48 percent of online shoppers used smartphones or tablets in March 2013, and this figure may continue to rise over the next several years.

Because online vendors want to gain a competitive edge over their rivals, more merchants could invest in quality solutions that make accepting online payments easier than ever. Additionally, a wide range of retailers could consider top-notch payment processing systems thanks in part to the rising popularity of smartphones and tablets among shoppers worldwide. 

What items are shoppers purchasing online?
In the comScore study, researchers found that event tickets were the most frequently purchased items for online shoppers. However, data also revealed that furniture and appliance purchases accounted for 8 percent of all online transactions, and many internet retailers could help shoppers research these products and many others in the near future. 

For example, Notation Furniture is one of several online merchants that hopes to extend its reach by drawing shoppers to its online store. This vendor strives to be an industry leader by delivering reliable customer service support to large groups of online patrons around the clock, which could help it significantly boost its sales in a short period of time. 

"We appreciate that online customer service in general has a rather poor reputation, which is where Notation Furniture is proud to set itself apart," said Gordon Bond, the retailer's managing director. 

What solutions could help online merchants quickly process customer transactions?
The ability to process fast, secure transactions can help an online merchant distinguish itself in a highly competitive marketplace. Thankfully, payment processing systems offer valuable support to retailers of all sizes. 

Using a virtual terminal is ideal for many online merchants because it allows them to accept credit and debit cards without delay. This platform is user-friendly, and both PC and mobile device users can instantly process transactions if retailers invest in state-of-the-art virtual terminals. 

Many businesses also frequently explore new solutions that make it simpler for customers to submit online payments. More clients may invest in smartphones and tablets in the next few years, especially as new offerings become available from brand-name electronics manufacturers. Meanwhile, retailers around the globe could benefit by investing in payment processing systems that allow shoppers to use their credit and debit cards to buy items online. 


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