Mobile shoppers can benefit from retailers' investments

June 07, 2013 Author by Thomas Wheeler

Mobile shoppers can benefit from retailers' investments

Making purchases on the go is becoming more important than ever before. In fact, new smartphones and tablets could significantly affect web merchants worldwide over the next several years, leading these retailers to invest in various mobile marketing initiatives.

Gian Fulgoni, chairman of web measurement firm comScore, told Internet Retailer that global shipments of tablets recently exceeded those for computers, and more online merchants are noticing the long-lasting benefits provided by mobile devices. By investing in first-rate merchant accounts and credit card processing solutions, these retailers will be able to keep up with customer requests, even as more patrons use smartphones and tablets to purchase items on the web.

"If you don't have your website tuned for mobile devices, you are missing [out on] major sales opportunities," Fulgoni told the news source. "Consumers are not only using these devices to get information whenever and wherever they want, but also to [make purchases]."

Client engagement can help retailers extend their reach
An online vendor that supports its patrons at all times could benefit for years. Because this merchant can respond to shoppers without delay, it could garner support from numerous customers worldwide.

The benefits provided by mobile marketing strategies make investments in state-of-the-art tools worthwhile for both big and small retailers. In fact, these solutions may allow firms to boost their customer satisfaction levels, as more merchants will be able to engage clients who regularly use their smartphones and tablets to buy products over the internet.

Fulgoni acknowledged that mobile devices are reshaping the online shopping experience for many businesses and their clients. Companies that review the benefits of mobile marketing plans, however, can stay ahead of their rivals and avoid missing out on opportunities to connect with patrons around the globe. 

E-commerce solutions deliver valuable opportunities for business leaders
Online retailers must consider new technology when developing mobile marketing plans and could look at recent data to enhance their strategies as well. Digiday points out that recent data showed that 79 percent of U.S. residents between the ages of 18 and 34 use tablets to purchase items, a trend that may continue over the next few years.

With e-commerce platforms, companies can find new ways to interact with their target audiences. These solutions may have far-flung effects on numerous companies in the near future, allowing them to provide dependable support to patrons who buy products on smartphones and tablets.


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