E-commerce solutions are helping more online retailers grow quickly

May 23, 2013 Author by Michael Smithson

E-commerce solutions are helping more online retailers grow quickly

Assisting online customers is crucial, particularly in today's challenging economic climate. Thankfully, retailers that want to differentiate themselves from rivals can invest in state-of-the-art credit card processing solutions that make it easier for clients to complete fast, secure online transactions. 

For example, Signet Jewelers has seen its profits increase recently thanks in part to its investment in an e-commerce solution. According to Forbes magazine, this merchant's sales rose 10.4 percent in the first quarter of the company's fiscal year 2014 on a year-over-year basis to $993.6 million. Meanwhile, the business also saw its e-commerce sales increase 14.5 percent to $5.5 million.

"We were very pleased with our results throughout the quarter," Mike Barnes, the company's chief executive officer, told the news source.

Several factors can influence a business' e-commerce success
Accepting online payments can help a vendor in numerous ways. Customers could be drawn to firms that show they are committed to supporting their clients, which may help these companies grow exponentially. Additionally, merchants could introduce new offerings to online shoppers if they have quality payment processing systems in place to accept credit and debit cards from clients.

The news source points out that Signet benefited from holiday sales, and the company may take advantage of online tools to further highlight various events and promotions to customers going forward. By doing so, this business may noticeably boost its sales in a short period of time.

Will more Canadian retailers soon invest in e-commerce solutions?
Expanding a business is a major challenge, but more firms could invest in e-commerce platforms to increase their sales over the next few years. However, recent Forrester Research data indicated that many Canadian merchants are ignoring the benefits of e-commerce solutions, which could damage these businesses' reputations down the line. 

"There is opportunity for tremendous growth within the Canadian online shopping space," said Parry Rosenberg, an e-commerce systems expert. "Companies that ignore or under-invest in this area risk losing loyal customers, who will eventually look elsewhere for a convenient and simple online shopping experience."

As more business leaders consider opportunities to highlight their brands to customers, e-commerce solutions may become more important than ever for both big and small retailers. The platforms could deliver long-term benefits to companies, allowing them to accept credit and debit cards from online shoppers and ensure that patrons get reliable assistance whenever they need it.


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