Are teens interested in online shopping?

June 10, 2013 Author by Michael Smithson

Are teens interested in online shopping?

Merchant accounts and credit card processing solutions can help online vendors accomplish their goals. However, teenagers are noticeably impacting the global marketplace, and more retailers are accounting for these audience members when considering their business investments.

In a recent Pew Research Center study, analysts found that 95 percent of teens go online regularly. Meanwhile, data also revealed that most of these audience members prefer to visit brick-and-mortar stores rather than buy items over the internet.

If more vendors invest in credit card processing systems, however, these merchants could improve the shopping experience for large groups of customers. Because world-class platforms can make it easier for web retailers to accept payments, various online stores could benefit if they rely on these systems every day.

Additionally, Techi points out that more companies are using social networks to manage customer relations, which may affect shoppers of all ages going forward. Web patrons want dependable support at all times, and firms that invest in their web operations could noticeably benefit. By allowing clients to make fast, secure purchases without delay, web retailers could increase their profits and garner attention from various audiences.


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